Logistics plays a major role in the development of country economies. It’s because of logistics traders are sending their goods and importing their goods to sell to their customers. we have defined and shared the importance of logistics on our blog what is logistics? 

In today’s blog, we are not going to talk about how what logistics is rather the difference type of logistic. 


Business logistic 

The method of organizing, implementing and tracking the safe, successful movement and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to comply with customer requirements.


Military logistics 

This type of logistic is slightly different from business logistic because it’s target audience is not customers but military forces. Military logistics is the discipline of the preparation and execution of military forces movement, procurement, and maintenance. 

Procurement logistics 

This type of logistic goal is to control the supply in order to meet the needs of operational processes. Procurement logistics tasks include analysis of the impact of different inventory policies on supply chain processes, selection of a type of supply (centralized/decentralized), and Choice of supply strategies (direct replenishment, stocked flow, cross-docking).

Event logistic 

Event logistic is a type of logistics that is performed by event organizers. Event logistic service includes the transportation of resources for events, warehousing, and distribution, etc. This type of logistic ensures the occurrence of an event and efficient withdrawal afterward. 

Manufacturing logistics

Manufacturing logistics consisting of material flow within a factory or company, recovery logistics consisting of return flows from customers and waste and recycling logistics consisting of the flow of recyclable materials.