With our extensive ability and distilled experience your cargo is well taken care of. The combined effort of our staff members, the network we built and our determination to satisfy your needs and demands in giving you the services you might not find elsewhere in the country.

It is this character that makes our company your number one choice that many companies choose to work with. It is obvious that well educated and professional staff members in the field make big difference when it comes to shipping and forwarding services. This is what our company has and is proud of. While working with our company you should be assured that your shipping is well taken care of and handled safely.

Our company will give you the right service, at the right and reasonable price from the right sources, at the right time. As freight forwarder Bells logistic service represents the consignor or consignee locally or internationally in fulfilling customs, port and other formalities and services for import and export st port and includes the transportation and delivery of goods.

As a freight forwarder Bells Logistic services functions are as indicated below:-

  • Negotiate rate quotations with international carriers
  • Charter vessels and also book space
  • Pay the freight charges on behalf of the shipper
  • Provide tracing and expediting services
  • Purchase Marine insurance as and when deemed necessary
  • Fill out the necessary documentation required at port of debarkation and embarkation
  • Contract for inland transportation
  • Provide advice on shipping, customs clearance procedures and documentation